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I'd prefer ads.

I'd honestly prefer if you guys had ads on this instead of making people pay for subscriptions just to see pictures or make choices. I think it's absolutely ridiculous.

Never again.

There are so many things wrong with this app. Subscription is high and you can barely do anything without subscribing. I hate this app. Deleting this app for Yarn and never adding it again.

Great! It finally got better

I love this app now I used to hate it but I'm so glad they fix the thing were it doesn't let you go to the home and you don't get unlimited reading

Love it

Just great

Love it,just minimise the wait by another 2 mins

I think the app is great just minimise the wait which would have more installations for the company which makes it great


This App is trash.

Don't get this

I won't even rate this a star. I barely even got on it for a min and it pretty much forced you to buy to have everything. And not to mention it's $7.99 EACH MONTH? ARE YOU INSANE? And not to mention the app is by wattpad. Wattpad is alllll free. Don't advertise something like this, when it looks free like the rest of your apps.

Worst App I've ever gotten.

I am pretty much forced to buy everything in order to play anything. And, If you want to stop reading, that's not an option! Grrrrr do yourself a favor and don't get this.

Paying 😑

The bad thing is that you have to pay 🖕🏻

engaging stories- with ugly interruptions

you know what i like about reading? the fact that some diprag company can't interrupt the story with an advertisement for their diprag garbage. i get that you guys need to pay the writers and everything, but perhaps there's a better way to get people to pay than interrupting the story to hostage them into buying the service. some of us are just broke and will delete your app instead, i ain't got money for y'all like that. i would watch ads, which float a lot of other mobile games. i'd watch hella ads. but i can't wait 20 minutes to pick up in the middle of a story interaction, mm mm. ain't got no time for that. deeeeelete


Everyone always complains about the member ship but listen, I have a good way to not have to wait to read good stories continuously! So first, get this app and also get Yarn. They are both good reading apps and although you do need a membership to choose the stories you want to read on Yarn, you'll still get stories, but random ones. Anyways yo read the story you want in Tap and the once you reach your reading limit, go and read in Yarn! If this helped anyone please tell me on my Tap at either Izzy/NyanGhostKitty!


The thing I don't like about this app is that when you want to watch a video or answer a phone call it will make you sign up for free month trial and money after I mean that's dumb


I like this game I've always wanted one like it but then making you pay $7.00 a month!!!!😮 They really need to be kinder people and fix this nobody's going to get the game unless they don't make people pay 💰.

The worst

When i got this app, I saw it was from Wattpad, and downloaded it at once. I loved Wattpad so much, but Tap is horrible. Here's the premise: You make stories through text messages. That's a good idea. I thought it would be different from hooked, where you have to pay, but no. It's awful. You can barely make it halfway through, before running out of taps. You have to then pay to progress if you don't want to wait. This app took what I love about Wattpad, free, unlimited stories, and completely threw that away. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!

Girlz boyz

This game is littyyyyy💍👍🏾😁🤣😁🤗🖤😍💖💍😭👌🏾❤️🤗💚🤗😁🙄👌🏾🖤😗💞😘❤️😉💚👌🏾🤤📚💋😉📚💞💞👌🏾🤤😘😉😭👌🏾💯♉️👌🏾💙

Great app idea, but here are some good things to add:

I love Tap! It's a great idea and a fun way to write! Some things that would really improve it though, would be: -Getting an easily accessible library to put the Tap stories we like in it. -Have less Tap Originals so we could see more Tap stories written by others. It would make it easier for books to become popular and for accounts to gain followers, too. -Thank you!-


Had this app before the update that had subscriptions. Before you could see the pictures and chose any story. Now you can't what the point of saying it's free if you have to pay. Bring back the old version.


It's a great app I love it :) you guys should really get the app it has amazing stories.

The worst.

So I downloaded the app. Apparently you need to buy a subscription to see any multimedia, and at some point you have to wait 20 MINUTES in order to keep reading the story unless you buy a subscription. This is just ridiculous. I gave the app 1 star only because I could!'t give it any less.

Love it

So interesting.

U should download tap

This app is amazing

Hate it

It doesn't let me switch to different stories I've been on the same story for two days now


so how are going to say it's a free app and free articles but yet make us get a subscription. which makes you pay to read the stories and see the pictures. but it's suppose to be free.


I just want an app that can let me go to the home screen. But I've tried yarn and it didn't work I want to try this one and it didn't work. Please fix this so I can go to the home screen. I was able to on my old phone but on my new phone I can't. FIX THIS!!!!!



Pay to Play

I hate it how if you don't subscribe, they will try to find another way how. For example, the 20 minute wait.

Hate it

Hate the way it cuts you of right in middle of the stupid story


Why does everything need a subscription?


I like it but idk how to subscribe

Wish it was free completely

It would be the greatest app but it's pay for everything

Great Stories👍🏾💞

Their stories are amazing! They're full of adventure!!

I like it but.

How do I subscribe

Are you kidding me?

Wow, just wow. You need to buy a subscription to view any images and you also need to buy a subscription to read ONE story. Barely got through the first one before it told me I needed to wait 20 minutes before I could continue. Very bad ideas put into this app. Way to go Wattpad, another user let down.

I'm a little new to this so I need answers

How do I subscribe to the app so that I could view the images that are in the story??? Please respond quick!

Its great

Csnt express anything else but LOVE IT!

Bad strategy

You need to build new strategy. Only stupid people who want to pay for your apps 8 dollar before they can read 1 story until finish. Try to learn make people addictive, then you can get money from them


Awesome app it is cool amazing but..u have to pay to see the pictures so they should be free but it's an awesome app don't read selfie with the girl with the shadow behind it's super lame

not worth it

wattpad has been promoting this app, so i decided to try it. when a video message or a pic shows up, you have to pay $8. EIGHT DOLLARS! using wattpad is free so why do you need to pay in the app. definitely not worth it


this game is a scam for money. it looked cool but you have to pay to play. not worth it.


This is terrible because you can't do you anything you can't hear you can't do anything all you can do is read yarn and hooked is better than this you have to PAY to listen and do a video chat

So So

I have heard some good and bad reviews. So what I will say for those bad reviews is that if you were disappointed with this app "Hooked" is the same exact thing. The company is a bowl, the customers are stuck inside, and the bowl just wants you to pay money to get advantages. What I will say for the good reviews is that the stories are very interesting and easy to read, I mean of course for the younger kids they should watch out for some of those stories in the app, but other than that there are no flaws about the story types or what they say in them. I have also heard a lot of people talking about writing their own stories. Good and bad reviews. I personally think it's pretty cool that they let you write your own stories, but once I tried and it wouldn't show up in the main screen or under the category I put it under it just disappeared. Overall the app is cool but it has a lot to work on. They ( as in the company) can refer to my review and the other reviews that have been used by other worldwide users of this app. THANKYOU 😄😄😄!

absolutely terrible

if you don't pay the $8 and decide to wait,you wait forever and it's just a continuous loop,absolute garbage.


Pretty decent. Nice stories. But I do not understand why we have to pay just so we can read conversations. We don't have to pay for Wattpad. Why do we have to pay for conversations now?

I love it💖💖

I absolutely love this app but there's 2 things that I don't like is that we have to wait 18 minutes to keep reading and that when we're reading a really good story it no one ever finishes like like they don't make a part 2 or more parts but overall it's a really good app😁💖💖


Really fun app!

Pretty good app

I like it

Not a fan

I hate how you have to pay $8 a month just to read stupid conversation. It's really annoying.




Not downloading until you get rid of paying. No one is gonna pay to see images and whatever. No way!


It's fun and thrilling a wonderful game

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