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Predatory App

No way to stop app from pulling $8 a month. I haven’t had this app on my phone for a year. Even after one year of payments without using the app it continues to steal from my account. I even got a new debit card yet this app ruthlessly steals. Apple fix this ASAP.

Sorry not sorry

I love Wattpad, I write on there all the time. And I use to use this app as well, back when it was half free. But I can’t even leave the first story, in order to create my own stories. I keep trying to press hide but it’s not doing anything and also I’m not paying $7.99 premium to write a texting story sorry 🤷🏻‍♀️ but it’s really not worth it. I love Wattpad tho and this app use to be amazing! Change that and I’d be using it again but for now I’m deleting it ✌🏻

It’s really good at first

I loved this app when I first got it. I decided to pay the monthly fee because I really enjoyed it. But now it’s just gotten really boring. I’m not someone who likes romantic stories I love the mysteries, and the thrillers, and especially the horror stories. But now there really aren’t very many good stories. Some of the stories say that they have added a new part but when I go to look at them there’s nothing new. I just wish that they would come up with more stories

It’s trash

You can’t really exit the story and you can’t look a pictures the author put it frustrating 🙄


I got this app because I thought it would be like wattpad but it’s not. NOT AT ALL. I wanted to make my own stories and stuff on there as well but I can only read a story that they and me too! I guess I’m sticking to normal wattpad then...

❤️Loving Tap!❤️

Tap is definitely helping me achieve my goal of sharing my ideas and stories. I’ve been working on one story for god knows how long, and Tap helped me. I can finally share what I have in store for text-chat stories. Thank you so much!❤️❤️❤️😍

Very bad

Everything is pretty cool, you have calls, video calls, etc. but every time someone sends a voice mail, I have to pay 10 diamonds to read it? No one got the money for that! Also, you need to make a home screen, make someone able to access it from the corner of the screen. Please make a home screen! I feel claustrophobic because all I see is the thing I’m reading, once I’m done all I get is a bar with 5 other stories. It’s actually suffocating! This review might seem very low for only 2 complaints but those 2 are really big things in my opinion. Honestly, after Wattpad started making adds everywhere and then added “premium” it’s just gone downhill...

No good

As soon as I tried to open it it just keeps sending me back to my home page. I can't even use it! If you download this app, prepare to be disappointed.

Much better!

A few months ago when I downloaded it, it wouldn’t let me search any other stories and made me read certain ones. But now I am able to search specific stories and read them!


Podrían dar la opción de que el lector pueda escribir en las historias Para que puedan ponerse en el personaje 🙏🏻

It Good Story I Love it❤️❤️

I love This Story App Tap The Wattpad❤️❤️Y’all Should Make It So We Can Control Over The Game Give Us more Option To type And Say Y’all Should Upgrade This Game Asap Please And Thank u


I was really exited but when it was done downloading I went to see and it came up with a story so I'm like ok a little story then it will pop up at the home screen but no it asked to do premium or wait for the timer so I was ok fine I will wait a stupid 20 min so I went to check out the reviews and someone said you got to pay to play which is just the worst so I just uninstalled the app so disappointing I was really exited to make a story out of it but I would have to pay that much every month horrible please rethink and consider to edit this please it's s horrible idea to make people pay. Some people can't afford this I know I cant


Love it

Free trial

Hey, I love this app and all but I did a free trial and I’m trying to cancel it but you guys are keeping me on the trial and I have to keep paying but even if I don’t want to, I can’t download any more apps on the App Store because I need verification, please cancel my free trial I can’t download any more apps on my phone, please respond back, thank you.

Romantic books

These romantic books made me cry 4 times in a row💚

Not great

I was honestly pretty excited when I saw this so when I saw the reviews I just ignored them thinking I need to see it to believe it. Boy were they right, when you get to pick a story please take the time to think about witch one you want because once you start reading you can’t exit. The story’s aren’t even that good so listen to the reviews and don’t get it there are plenty of other chat apps that are way better than this.

I was tricked

I downloaded this app after seeing a lot of ads , the stories are not scary at all and are in fact pathetic, the reason I’m here is because after a free “only” 1 week trail it automatically purchased and subscribed to a one month trail for 7.99$ WITHOUT MY PERMISSION, and now I can’t download anything until I pay the money to the app that I also btw deleted before my 1 week free trail ended . Don’t download this app it’s trash !


I love this app. You can tap though really interesting stories of your choice and it does not really require gems or passes to much. There are also awesome pictures and videos you can look though. I 100% recommend this app to all ages!!!!


Okay, so I downloaded the app 30 minutes ago. I was skeptical because of what people were saying but the new update is AMAZING! No wait, tons of stories, and you can see every video and picture. And I don’t have Premium. I highly recommend this app over Hooked, or Yarn, because their stories are addictive and they have no wait, so you have fun stories right at your fingertips. This review was written 08/22/2018. <3


I don’t know how else to describe this app in one word other than disappointing. I was so excited to download this app; to read stories and to make some of my own. But when you first download the app, it makes you click through a boring story about some murderer girl. That’s not what I want to read! I came to pick my own stories. I figured it was a tutorial and kept going. However, I found that it only got worse from there. It’s not just a tutorial, for one thing. It counts as the first story you read. You have to pay for pictures, video calls, voice notes; pretty much everything that makes the story interesting. And while reading the boring pre-story, you only get 20 taps before you have to wait 30 minutes to tap again, to finish a story you didn’t even get to choose to read! Not to mention, the premium is EXPENSIVE. It’s like Wattpad is trying to burn holes through your pockets. First Wattpad premium, now this fail. It’s disgusting to even think about. In short, this app is a waste of time. I can’t even make my own stories! It’s honestly so boring with all the limitations and I will laugh hysterically if I hear that anyone actually paid for this garbage. This is one costumer you won’t be luring in, “Tap.”

Entertaining But I have a few problems

Every time I try to use my credits it never works I thought it was my connection but it wasn’t, please fix this issue cause I can’t finish almost any stories.


Can you give negative stars?? Because you should be able to. Haven’t had this app on my phone for months and months but SOMEHOW I’ve been getting charged 7.99 a month for a subscription that I did not authorize! In fact instead of a negative stars option is there a ‘I’d like to sue this apps producer’ button?? Cause I’d love to see that. Oh and my roughly $50 stolen dollars back

Advertising and Loading

So I published a story called The Harp and The Devil.. But it’s not showing up when I tell my friends to search it.. And they should add an advertising feature or something so new writers can get their story out there.. How else will people read it? But the actual app itself is pretty good!

If I might make a suggestion

Since you fixed the subscription so that we can do more without paying, I’ve had a lot of fun with this app. I enjoy reading stories, and I especially love writing my own. I don’t mind waiting to get passes because it helps to build suspense. The jems are annoying, but if you're willing to read certain stories you can earn some. A few things I'd like to suggest are the ability to add audio to our stories, and a way we can show appreciation, such as liking/voting, or commenting like on watpad. A simple tap number isn't really enough for me, people still could've read my story and not liked it that much. So if you could add in those things I'd really appreciate it.

In app choices- please remove

I like the idea, but I have a constant problem with in app purchases for responses. It completely takes me out of the story, which annoys me. If I get to decide what happens, it only makes sense that I decide on a path. Please remove only this feature.


It so interesting and really cool I love this app


This app provides me with entertaining and gripping stories in a whole new way. It’s like the thrill of watching a really good horror movie, but in a text. Terrific. I love the creativity that people put into this to provide such a fun way to experience that thrill element. A truly fantastic app. Well done. I totally recommend this, and even if you don’t download this one you can look up this stuff of YouTube and you can get a wide range of results.

Great app to pricey

I love this app the suspense really gets me and I do be terrified and scared but the wait for tickets and price is too high😿. But am a big fan of watt pad so I will continue to use


This is awful. The stories are okay, I guess, but when you first get the app they make you read some story, you have no say in. You can’t even exit out. Not even when the story ends, you only have the choice to continue to the next part. You can’t look at the photos or listen to the phone calls unless you pay money, which they ask for a ridiculous amount. I tried to subscribe for a free trail but it wanted my credit card... for a FREE trial. It gives you like so much time to read per hour, and if you want more time you have to pay. You have to pay to read a story you didn’t want to read in the first place.



Hate it.

I don’t want to have to pay for extra features, and that seems to be a very constant thing throughout all chat apps. I love Wattpad, but this is just an extremely bad app.


This is such a good app I love it sooo much it is so worth paying

I can’t pay

I love this app but I hate that when i run out of tickets I have to pay for new ones, and I’m not spending all of my birthday money on text story’s. Maybe add a ticket timer so when I run out of tickets I get more the next day?

Bts Army

Tap is honestly the greatest thing. It keeps me busy when I'm bored and have nothing to do. I especially love the band Kpop Bts so I really enjoyed that there were Bts tap stories. I even made one and am working on three others. Anyways, ppl say they didn't like the stories in the beginning which we had to read. To me actually it didn't bother me that much and they weren't even bad stories. But there is one question or problem I have. Is there a certain way to get your tap stories read cause I have trouble getting ppl to read them while others get many views. I'm just wondering. But overall tap is great and its really fun creating stories! ❤️🤗


Guys come on some people don’t have that much money and why can’t we sign up and do our own instead of reading others look if you want to get people to use this app you have to let them do their accounts instead reading others at the beginning and if you don’t do something about then I’m sticking with Wattpad at less they let make an account

Not bad

Good but it could be better doesn’t matter to me I like it but don’t like it that much but it’s good


When I First got the app, I had to go through a story I didn’t want to read, I had another story I had heard of, although I liked the story, it was so annoying. So I had an ad about North Star. And on the FIRST chapter I was given a choice, “Help Him, or Shy Away” I hadn’t gotten used to the characters so I said shy away. I was given the following Message; “Buy Premium to Unlock this feature and many more” I obviously clicked off, so I tried to tap around it, and maybe somebody else would choose, by default, but no, there was no way I could skip that, so I went to chapter 2 and hen was greeted by another message about what outfit to pick. I clicked around it and nothing was going to happen, that’s when I clicked off and started this review. Note: I was going to use The Seven Day Trial and just end it on the last day, but I didn’t have enough money so it wouldn’t accept my purchase. So Angry.


I am just thoroughly disappointed with this app. I saw a cool looking story on an ad so I decided to download it again. Imagine my excitement when the story presents me with a choice so that I can choose my own ending! Except that I have to have premium. I tried to exit out of the story, maybe find a different one. But there was no button for that. So finally, I gave up and realized that Tap had become another money driven app that only people who pay to win can enjoy.

So much wasted potential

This app could’ve been great. Instead it’s boring and poorly done.

Doesn’t Work

The fact that you have to sit through a story that isn’t even interesting isn’t the worst part. You can click out of it, but, at least with the iPhone X, every time you leave the story, the screen goes black and the app closes. I have tried to get in 4 times and it never worked.

I couldn’t exit

I used to have this app on a different phone and I could exit out of stories, but now that I have downloaded it again to see some of my old works, I can’t because there was no exit to the story in the beginning.


I was very confused on how I get out the story it has now way of telling me but the app I pretty well made pretty good might I say good job Wattpad

Okay, okay!

I remember when Tap wasn’t like this... I mean, you could look at pictures without having to pay and all, But I’m hoping they only did that because of the inappropriate stories always having those pictures, gifs, etc, etc.. Though I just realized... Tap is beginning to becoming like those other text story apps ( I forgot the names so sorry if they are not correct ) like Hooked, or Readit ( ? ) y’know? You HAVE to pay to view this and this and this... And I’ll admit, I was disappointed when they got the new stories that let you choose your ending along with having to pay. I also still kinda like Tap, but I did uninstall it. That’s all for now, - Wuffle


I was reading through a story or whatever, and then.. I have to WAIT 18 minutes just to continue??? Seriously?? Why do I have to pay to read boring stuff anyway...? Wattpad is a great app, but this? It was made only for cash. On Wattpad, there’s ads, but they aren’t in your face. Same for the subscription stuff Wattpad has. That’s why I enjoy it. You can use it without paying. But this requires you to actually pay money to read a chat story that’s probably bad! You can’t use half of the features that the app promotes without having to pay. It’s really bad.


My favorite are the horrors and thrills.

Horrible 🙅🏽‍♀️

The first thing that upset me was that it brought me to this story as soon as I open it app that I didn’t want to read at all and that you have to pay to answer the video call and see the picture, and there is no exit button that i can press to go to a different story and that you have to wait 30 minutes just to get some taps. Tbh I love Wattpad but this need to be better 👎🏽👎🏽

Where do I even start🤦🏽‍♀️

Before I got this app I read a handful of reviews the all seemed pretty bad but I wanted to try it out anyway, I wish I didn’t. At first it was going great, it did take a long time to load but overall it was ok. I looked through a bunch of stories and they all seemed pretty good, I chose my first one to be romance. I have to say, the story was pretty cool, I loved it. I was reading it and a pop up came and ask me to chose my next reply, I thought that was pretty cool (at first.) I clicked on my reply and it took me to the premium signup. At first I thought “Maybe this is like ‘Episode’” (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, basically some ‘Episode’ stories have ‘Gems’ and you use ‘Gems’ to “buy” things choices in the story you are reading.) I clicked back and chose the other option, and it took me ,once again, to the premium signup. I decided to just use the free trial, but you have to pay for that too? I know most apps do this but I really don’t see the reason for putting “free” in it then. (In the ‘Episode’ app you can use the free trial for FREE.) I thought it was stupid so I clicked out of the signup page and went back to the story, of course there wasn’t and option to skip it so I wanted to exit out of the story. I looked in the corner where there should be an ‘X’ but it wasn’t. I scrolled to the top of the page and there wasn’t no exit button. I exit out of the app and entered once again, only to find myself at the signup page. At this point I was annoyed, I went back to the story and looked again everywhere for the exit button and once again I couldn’t find it. This is honestly stupid, it’s basically forcing me to pay to be able continue then to exit. I very disappointed in this, I mainly got it because it was created by Wattpad. I understand that they many need the money, but forcing the reader to pay to be able to continue it very unnecessary . I’m sorry but I think I’ll just stick with ‘Wattpad’ and ‘Episode’ instead.




I used to like it but all of a sudden I had limited taps and needed to wait 20 minutes for more. I wrote my own stories but I have no access to them anymore. I deleted the app and reinstalled it. I hate horror but there’s a book that’s automatically there that I wish to skip, but unfortunately I can’t. You can’t exit out of the book and you need to wait an unnecessary long time to tap and get to the end. Disappointing.

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