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This could be a good a good app if you didn’t have to sub just to see a vid or something like that. It’s just utterly stupid


Barely started it and they’re already trying to pay $8 p/month,this app had so much potential

Horrible App Basically if you don’t have money you don’t get to play it

I’m very disappointed with this app you can do anything in the app unless you pay. I don’t recommend this app at all this is other apps like this that are free to read. DONT GET THIS UNLESS YOU WANT TO SPEND YOUR MONEY AND GET RIPPEDOFF


I was really excited about this app because I’m a huge fan of a Wattpad, however I was extremely disappointed by what I got. I could not get out of the first story no matter what I tried. I assumed I would have options of what I read, but that apparently isn’t the case. You also have to have premium in order to enjoy cool features in the story, which I simply don’t have the money for. Overall, a lot of things about this app need to change in order for everyone to enjoy it, but if you are willing to pay for premium it may not be that bad.


Didn’t even click through for a full two minutes before it told me to either pay $8 a month to be a premium member or wait 30 minutes. Absolute trash.


When I first got Tap, it was horrible. I couldn’t choose the story I wanted to read, I couldn’t read the description of any stories, and overall I couldn’t get to even the home page. Now, I am able to get to the home page with just a swipe, choose the story I want to read (and even search specific ones up), and can now read the descriptions of stories more easily. I recommend creating an account or logging in, since the app seems to work better when you do. You just can’t do the “choose your own ending” stories, which is annoying since almost all the ones that I want to read are like that. In order to read them, you have to have a subscription, which I’m not going to get just to read an interactive story.


Ok so it was good at first and then I went to an interactive story because those are fun right? WRONG! I can’t even interact without paying!!! And then, I DONT EVEN KNOW HOW TO EXIT THE STORY!!!! But if there is a button to exit, PLEASE MAKE IT MORE OBVIOUS! Your other app Wattpad is cool and all but very confusing to exit stories also. You have to press the screen to reveal the exit button and I didn’t notice that until my cat accidentally stepped on my screen. At that time, I was trying to swipe ALL the way down to exit. Just make the exit sign a little better to see so it isn’t harder for people like me. And stop making people pay for everything. Please and thank you.


This app is terrible. It makes you have to be a member to choose your own story and it makes you have to pay either weekly, monthly or yearly I don't like that☹️


I just downloaded this app and i clicked on a story and not even 5 minutes in, youre already trying to get my money? I haven’t even been on the app long enough to decide if i like it!! Definitely NOT going to pay $7.99 a month to make choices on a mediocre story.


Wattpad seems to be getting money hungry. This app is just ugh. There are ads, you have to wait to continue the story, they always try to make you pay for Premium. Not everyone has time to waste their money on a texting app. The prices are crazy. I've also noticed that I sometimes get notifications from stories I'm not even reading! Then when I go to that story I have wait to read it! Just stop being so money hungry. Wattpad is my favorite app but tap is probably my least favorite. I kinda wish I could give this app zero stars.

Truly awful

You can’t even make choices or choose the answer unless you pay money. This app stinks and you cannot do anything on it if your not willing to pay 7.99 a month. DO NOT GET.

It’s begging for money

Okay so listen. Wattpad is a great app and I got Tap to see what it was like. All I can say is that it’s begging for you to buy premium. On Wattpad, premium wasn’t a big deal and you don’t have to buy it to enjoy it. On Tap, half, yes HALF, the things you do need premium, the app starts out with an ok story and a few seconds in you get a video call, it’s cool and made me feel like I was actually in the story (sort of), BUT NOPE, YOU GOTTA PAY UP TO WATCH THAT DANG CALL, OH PHOTOS? VIDEOS? CHOOSE YOUR OWN RESPONSE? READ INSTEAD OF WAITING HALF AN ACTUAL HOUR????? YOU GOTTA PAY FOR THOSE TOO!! I can’t enjoy a story when half of it is blocked behind a paywall I don’t really want to get. It ruins the fun and the experience of reading and I know they sort of can’t take premium off completely but please just let us view some videos and pictures the author wanted us to.

This app is absolutely amazing!

But there is one teeny little thing I want you guys to add. I’m writing a tap story and I want to add videos but us writers can’t and us writers would like you to allow us to put videos and FaceTime. And let us make a “Choose You’re own ending” tap story if you just at least please and it will make me very satisfied

I wish I could rate it 0 Stars

Don’t waste your time on this!!! It’s boring and you have to pay to view pictures and video calls which I think is stupid. I prefer Episode. Yes, you can pay to buy clothes/stars but if you don’t purchase anything it doesn’t ruin your story/chances at anything.

worst app ever.

This app infuriated me, I’ve never written a review before this! You’d love this app if a.You love spending 8$ a month to do ANYTHING b.You love reading something that sounds like it’s been written by a 12 year old and c. Don’t care about the context you’re getting at all. THIS APP SCREAMS “IM ONLY ALIVE FOR MONEY”! When you start reading a story, you literally can’t stop .. why? So you get to the mark where they make you wait 30 minutes BUT OH LOOK! You can bypass that if you simply buy the 8$ A MONTH membership. You know what I could do with 8$ ?? Buy like 9 Jack in the Box tacos and honestly that’s more worth it than this pointless app. I’m so disappointed ! Don’t get this app, don’t give them your money.


I read an article praising this app for the ability to write stories on it. Unfortunately I was forced to click through some story I was not interested in reading. Now I have to wait 30 minutes? I don’t understand why I couldn’t exit that story to check out the other features that I was interested in using. I might have even bought a premium account but I refuse to buy one if that introduction story is all I’m seeing from the app right now. From what I gathered from the article and the other reviews on here, this app wasn’t always like this. Whether it’s greed, or lack of premium accounts, or whatever reason, it’s a bad idea. It makes your loyal users resent your platform and new users never become loyal at all.

Ok but don’t like

When you are in the stories you can’t get out of it until you finish the stories. And sometimes you can’t go on because of the free trial thing. I don’t like it. And why put the premium on there if you can’t get it. Ugh I thought it would be better.

You HAVE To Pay To Play

I just got this app, and I am very disappointed in it. I saw an add and was looking forward to playing a certain story. So, I get the app and find out it is a choose your own adventure. I’m thinking “That’s awesome. This makes the story 10 times better.” So I start playing and I get to a spot where I have to choose an answer. I click on one option and then the other, and they BOTH require a membership to pick an answer. I had to stop playing the story which was really frustrating, and I am deleting the app. Also, the add made it look like people were texting and it would be set up that way, but it’s not. It’s just a cheesy background and some white boxes. I gave this review 2 stars instead of one because I do enjoy the concept of the app. I do think it could be better than other competing apps, but NOT without some improvements first.


Honestly this app deserves -3.5 stars because you get 1/4 of a story then you have to wait 20 minutes for the story if you don't spend up to $8 a month which equals out to $96 a year like who in their right mind spends almost $100 a year on an app. My god its sooo simple you guys just don't download it. 🤯

Hate it

I can’t even leave this stupid little girl killer story, like if I wanted to read something boring I would read a book about my life, and that book would be paaretty boring. I mean I’m ok with waiting 18 mins. to keep reading bc I can do something else, but the fact that the pics and videos are put on the restriction to were I have to get premium to see them is stupid and ridiculous. I don’t want to read the story about the little girl bc every app like this has something with a possessed thing in it for the starting story. So I would give this a one star. And might even get rid of it.


It’s absolutely horrible!!!!!!! DO NOT GET THIS APP! It has so many problems, makes you pay for EVERYTHING, and the company doesn’t do anything about the problems even after u have reported it!

Honestly not so good

I wanted to read a chat story where i could read and choose my story, kind of like the game episode. However; when the first choice came, i had to PAY? I’m 14 i don’t have that money. AND I shouldn’t have to pay for something that’s simple as that. i get the ads and stuff by seriously? the app isn’t even free

Honost rate

i mean common gotta pay fpr everything like choosing ending you would have more people downloading it withoit i mean some ya i guess like face time thing but cmon also deleting it now

I don’t need anymore subscriptions

I honestly just got it and I started my first story and when I had to choose what to do next I had tapped one and it basically made me to get it, but I had not so instant deletion

Honestly just an app for ADs

This is just the worst tap for a story app. I like the stories don’t get me wrong by bat the same time some of the stories won’t let you go through the thing until you subscribe into the monthly subscription. What does it take for me to just get through ONE story without having take out my wallet to pay for an app I’m probably not going to use all the time it’s ridiculous!


I was on Snapchat and one of your ads caught my attention so I clicked on it and I saw a story I really liked and it was a "Choose Your Own Path" I was super excited until I found out you have to pay to make choices meaning I CAN'T GO ON. I’m really disappointed, maybe someday someone will make an app that you can make choices with without paying. 🤦🏽‍♀️

So annoying

I always use the Wattpad app to read and is one of my favorites because I doesn’t bug u bout the premium in Tap u can’t look at pics, answer calls, or listen to voice messages without the premium. Also every five minutes you are on u have to wait 19 minuets but guess what PREMIUM doesn’t have too. The stories they write are basically ripped off Hoot stories they aren’t even that creepy. Just no Wattpad you can do way way better



0 Stars. Nough said.

Why do I hate this app? Simple. Premium is STUPID. Screw that.

Could be so much better.

The main reason I downloaded this app was because I saw many adds of the story selection. I was wrong. You don’t get to chose your stories. There is no home button. No menu. You get what you get and the wait time after you run out of taps is RIDICULOUS. I love watt pad but you don’t get to write stories unless you buy premium which is pretty expensive. Make some changes


Why do you have to pay to read a story ?

Garbage app, disgusting, abomination of an app

Literally so bad, disgusting app I can’t even put it into word how bad this app is.

No one wants to pay

You shouldn’t have to pay $8 a month to see some videos and pictures please find a way to make money some other way on the app!!

Don’t download

So I downloaded this app to read stories while I wait. They brought up this story and I couldn’t click out of it, so I kept clicking to get out of it. It then brought up these too lines for me to choose, so I taped on one of the lines and it said that I had to get premium, so I exited out of that and taped the other line and it said the same exact thing. So I couldn’t even finish that story without being a premium owner and I didn’t even want to read that story in the first place. At least be like hooked where they don’t force you to be a premium.


Soooooo I can’t finish a story without paying? Why is this a free app when you HAVE to pay to read the stories? It tells you the whole things free like what? You have to pay to choose an ending. Pay to look at pictures. Pay to watch the videos. Pay to not have a break in between reading. Wow.


Honestly it’s awful bc like On my FIRST story it says that I have to get premium to be able to chose what happens next

Cliffhanger is better

Cliffhanger better because you don’t have to have a membership to choose an ending


Y’all some money hungry b*****,why would anyone pay too read these trash stories

Can’t complete my story without paying!?

I’ve been trying to avoid this app for awhile now, but today I decided to actually download it because of one particular add. So far the story I was getting into was going pretty well...until I had to pick a choice! It seems outrageous how I have to pay to even complete the story. I guess I’ll have to stick with Wattpad or Episode then.

They changed it. Thank you

I want to apologize for the first review. Thank you for changing the layout and making it so we can read whatever we want again. I can now access my old stories. Will be using more now.

I hated it



The game itself is amazing but when I deleted it is still making me pay for it when I'm not even playing it

I was stuck on a story

I was playing a recommended story that I saw on Snapchat and right away it gave me a choice to pick between two answers. I had to buy a membership to pick and I couldn’t leave the story. Now I’m deleting the app. Thanks for wasting my time.

We need to watch the videos and see the pictures by free

Not everyone has to pay and it’s just game who buy for a game

no it’s not worth downloading

if I could give this no stars.... I would..... this app isn’t bad but it’s like you have to pay membership to do anything and you can only read for so long then you have to wait 19 minutes.... I use the app hook and it’s better then this....


I personally love Wattpad, it’s my favorite thing to do when it comes to passing time. So when I found out that I can read other stories on Tap, I thought it would be fun. I thought wrong, I go (I am not joking) 5 minutes into the story and I now have it wait 18 just so I can continue. I once my time was up I continued reading my story, then 5 minutes later it says I have to wait 18 minutes, it took me 2 hours just to finish the series of “Hide” and that kinda makes me frustrated. Through out the story picture messages appear and I have to have a membership so I can view!? I know I can go and bye a weekly membership that costs 2.99 or a free trial, but that ends and I would have to pay 11.99 for a premium, I personally don’t have that kind of money. I’m not going to say don’t download this app or that’s its the worst. If your willing to wait or willing to pay just to to get voice recordings, calls, and pictures then be my guest. I’m just giving out my opinion.

Horrible absolutely horrible

I’m literally done!!! I got this app after seeing an ad about it on YouTube. I finished the first story which I HAD to read no choice whatsoever!!! And found the story featured in the ad because it looked good, I start reading and there’s a choice I need to make. THE STUPID APP WOULDN'T LET ME MSKE THE CHOICE!!! It said I needed premium! Then it wouldn’t let me leave to choose a new story! I’m here trying to enjoy a game and it just doesn’t want me to!!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!


i just downloaded the app and i can’t even finish the story i’m on. it won’t let me do either of the options without subscribing. that’s ridiculous and uncalled for.


I've never written a review because I've never seen an app so bad that it outraged me to the point to write one, until I downloaded this garbage. No one wants to pay for extra features, and basically the extra features are almost everything in this app. Timer is unnecessary, you also have to pay to continue and to see the pics that go with the story, to see the ending of some stories, to answer the calls. This app is BAD OMG

The stories

I wanted to look at videos and pictures but it costs money and so does the full access to stories! 😤 don’t get this crap it’s full of poop!

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