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You need premium.

If you don't have money to blow on subpar stories then don't waste your time with this app. If you want to see any pictures or videos that go along with any of the stories you have to be a premium member (which you have to pay for of course) and if you want to read for longer than like 5 minutes you have to be a PREMIUM MEMBER. You get where I'm going, this app is just a scheme to get money from people monthly and the stories aren't even worth paying for.

Not Free

You can't even play a single story without paying. You get to look at about 10 lines of text and then "start premium".

Complete Garbage

I would rate this with zero stars if I could.


I love Wattpad, I’m on it most of the day. I’ve gotten ads for Tap for a while and finally decided to try it but when you don’t a choice in what you read and if you don’t get to see everything it’s not that fun. You have to wait 20 minuets for about 5 minuets of content if that. I would rather read a text fic made by a 12 year old that has terrible grammar and spelling than wait 20 minuets for something I don’t want to read.


I love it but I wish it was free


You can't choose the stories you want unless you pay 7.99 a month for premium! I honestly disappointed.

not even good

its bad quality and it has all these required stories. like to get into using the app i had to read a 20 minute story + breaks and it took like 3 days (and of course you have to pay to get out of it). dont download this app because it makes you pay for everything


I can’t get rid of this B. S. APP!!!! I’m so sick of being scammed. It’s so stupid I don’t even know WHAT. THE. F. IT. IS!!!!! Bunch of scam spam scum losers!!!!!!

they made it worse

It was better a couple months ago where you had access to everything without the premium. But ever since they added it, it wasn’t as enjoyable because you were getting the whole experience with the story and the nap because everything you press would be premium...😞

I'm not even hating

Full honesty. I love wattpad. I had tap just a few months ago, and it was not like this. I understand it's trying to make more money, but this is insane. You can't even go through a story for 5 seconds without a GET PREMIUM feature popping up. I remember when I could make my own stories through my wattpad. I thought that was so cool. Now it's just like money money money. Soon the wattpad app itself will be like this.


Um, I couldn’t log in and access my previous published taps, but what I’m concerned most about is those free spam taps that somebody’s lame story just got. Endorsed by Wattpad. Really.

Cute but if I wrote a whole story how do I export?

I just wrote a 40 part story and I can't export it! Help!

Stupid in all honesty

When I first got this I thought this was going to be a fun, interesting app that I would like so I got it. When I actually got on it it was so dumb, by the first two lines I deleted the app. If I could, I would rate this with zero stars. All I’m trying to say is that you should definitely NOT get this as you’ll be very disappointed.

Just for the profits

Ok WATTPAD is a good app with a lot of good stories so I was excited to check this out and then get taken to an unskippable story that is didn’t even want to read. Then to even view the pictures and the video calls you have to buy premium or enter your credit card for a free trial. No. So then after you get frustrated being unable to see the pictures and video calls it makes you WAIT to finish the story you didn’t even want to read. I would recommend the app seen if you want a better one.

Very good

I love chat very much when ever I'm bored I go on tap look up a good chat and start taping away!!!!i love the app!!!!!!!!😀😀😀😀😀


Ok ok, the first story, you can't skip so it's really annoying. Ads come up every time you run out of taps. You only get like 30 taps. The app keeps crashing every 5 seconds. Deleting it until it gets fixed, I like the old version better. I rarely leave reviews, but when I do, it's either that bad or really good. In this case, this is really bad.

Wattpad. You’re better than this.

I’ve had so many chat story apps, and I was expecting this one to be impressive, just like the Wattpad app. First, I’d like to say, I have no regard for the demon child story. That is not why I downloaded the app. Having to pay $8 for VIP is almost as ridiculous as the premium version of Wattpad- no one wants that. If the pictures, calls, etc. are essential to the story, I should not have to pay to view them. That is impractical, and certainly does not convince anyone to pay for them. A developer as successful as you should not feel the need to drain as much money out of your following as you can. I do understand the timer, as chat stories are a much faster (and less interesting) read than the stories on your other apps. However, that does not make this a sufficient story app. You cannot simply take the ideas of others, dress them up as your own, and make the people who have been supporting you for years pay for the same swill everyone else is peddling. This app is quite a disappointment and I believe I will have to stick with the original Wattpad.


This app was terrible I one for all cam ego this app for GOOD content instead I got adds 😒


I really like this app it’s very fun and I love the stories but one thing that I do not like is that sometimes I have to be a member just continue reading the story and I don’t really like that like I’m not talking about how you have to wait 18 minutes to read the next part if you’re not a member I’m talking about how if it’s like a choose your own ending story then I have to become a member so I can choose my own ending so that’s one thing I didn’t like.


honestly i would rate this 0 stars if it was possible what’s the point of making apps like this if you can’t do what all the other people can do and you have to pay for stupid premium . i deleted the app as soon as it kept saying i couldn’t do any of the cool things because you have to pay . it’s so pointless why make a app with cool features like this and then go and try to con people into buying stupid premium just to unlock the stuff

What is this?

I used to have an account maybe five months ago. I write some stories in there, got to choose what I wanted to read, but I deleted it after a while. Now that I’ve come back, it’s completely unrecognizable unless you pay for a stupid membership. Just no. I don’t like that we have no say in what we read and we can’t even write anymore as far as I could tell. Sorry, but it’s an instant delete from me.




Ok so I love reading. I saw this all over Instagram and Snapchat. I decided to get it. At first it took me thru this story and I was like ok cool! But then I got to a picture. I clicked on it but it said I had to get a subscription. At first I was mad but I was like okay I can read without it. I chose another story that you could chose your texts. When I clicked on either one I had to get the subscription and now I can’t get out of it. Will delete and not getting it again.

"Tap" more like "Tap to pay"

Can't even use basic functions of this app without a premium membership. Truly a disgrace to Wattpad. A waste of space and time.


I love reading the stories


To be honest this app doesn’t even deserve a half star. I have several complaints; 1) I re-downloaded the app several times and each time it would either freeze up or not let me exit a story (which leads me to my next complaint) 2) you are FORCED to read through a story in the beginning and I couldn’t exit out of it even when I had complete it. Also, whenever anyone sent picture in the chat I was FORCED to read, it would say tap to view but I had to pay for a VIP membership, $7.99 a month, and if I didn’t pay I can’t hear the audio messages or see the pictures that are sent. 3) The app was over all very glitchy. In the tutorial it says to double tap to the left or right to change scenes, that never worked. I couldn’t auto play, I had to tap and tap and tap. And a few times I actually couldn’t continue, I had to pay for the VIP membership I talked about earlier In all, I would absolutely not recommend downloading this app. It is horrible quality and non-VIP stories (so I’ve heard) are terrible.


In 2018, how do you make a Wattpad story if it even is possible?

Soooo bad

Omg they put me through this really stupid story I didn't want to read and you can't do anything without premium and premium is really expensive money does not grow on trees


Don’t put things that you can only get on premium on the app thing. It’s just annoying 🙄. I got the app so I could “FaceTime” with the characters to purchase a 7.99 per month plan

sad emote

i was honestly really excited when i first download the app. but as soon as i opened it i was thrown into a story. no big i thought, i could just try to exit the story, but thats when i noticed that there was no home button. at that point i was prayinv that at least it was a good story. nope. and one of the most disappointing things about this app is that you have to pay to see the pictures/listen to recordings/watch videos. this reallt took away from the story and i am so distraught because i am a long time of wattpad and this is just sad.


the texting conversations are horribly written. they aren’t realistic and the stories are so naive.

Not worth it at ALL

Absolute BS that it advertises media use within chats without saying you have to pay for it. This is so dumb. Not happy



um no🤦🏽‍♀️!

why do i have to pay to read . so dumb !

I’m very disappointed

You have too pay to see the videos and pictures and ugh waste of time


I love tap one thing I would change is the wait time for more taps but I still love reading this

Absolutely a scam

I downloaded this app and used the free trial. I saw some videos but thought they were pretty interesting so I installed it. I signed up for a free trial and I realized it wasn’t for me so I uninstalled right after. Little did I know it would automatically sign up for a subscription right after and would charge me every month.

Worst app

Okay I like this app a little but YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR EVERYTHING if you decide to just not pay for anything it’s just like any other app so this app is no different from the others unless you pay


You have to buy for this app. And you vp can have other better app, Hooked.

Free version is virtually unusable

None of the videos or clips that tell the story are available on free, after 2 minutes true app gave me a pop up that says I need to pay to continue the story that automatically started without me being able to choose one


First of all the stories are okay but...you have to pay to look at images or video calls I'm looking for a better one now👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

If I could give this ZERO STARS 🤬

Let me just say something. I am fine with the ads, I am fine with them having premium payments, BUT. I do not like the fact that I have to miss out on the MOST EXCITING PART OF WHAT MAKES EVERYONE DOWNLOAD THE APP because I have to become a member in order to see the images and hear the videos/calls. I’m extremely dissatisfied and disappointed with the creators of this app. I get you need to make money, but I guarantee you are losing more money by doing this than you are making it. I absolutely love Wattpad, I’ve used the app since I was in 6th grade. So when I saw this ad I was stoked bc it was just like wattpad stories but you get to see pictures and it was like texting which is even cooler. Then I downloaded it. And now I’m writing this review. I am so upset and it’s so aggravating. I’ve never had this much anxiety when dealing with an app, it is completely ridiculous. I have NEVER written a review and yet here I am because I want the creators to see this and I want them to fix these mistakes so that I can sincerely enjoy the app and be happy to have downloaded it, instead I have only had it for two days and am already giving up on it. 😕😡 Also, it pisses me off how I can’t exit out of a story like what???? That is the most aggravating and annoying thing ever I have to completely tap until the end of the story to leave to the home page. RIDICULOUS!! I am outraged by this app and I hope you will fix it to make it so much better because it has so much potential to it. IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BECOME A MEMBER AND SPEND LIKE $10 A MONTH, V RECOMMEND NOT DOWNLOADING AND DONT WASTE YOUR TIME!!!


The app makes you pay to do anything. The stories are terrible. Majority are stupid and pointless. No actual story lines. The videos and pictures are nice but overall worst app of this kind for content.

Forces Premium

The app forces you to buy premium for $8 if you want anything other thank just the stories. Yes, there’s a free trial period which is good but it’s still pretty annoying and the quality is now what I expected. I had Tap in its earlier stages and I really liked it but I don’t like where it’s at now.

Uhh no

All stories are about satan


This app requires in app purchase


I saw the advertisement and I thought this game sounded so interesting. When I down loaded it, I had to read a story that they chose for me, and I could not even click out of it. Then the images came and I’m sure that this says a lot about the story, but I could not even look at it. Then it said FREE trial when I clicked on it, but then it said some $$ amount after a few weeks. I want a free trail not to pay after. Then, once it gets somewhat good, it tells me I have to wait like 20 min just to keep reading. This deserves at least 0 stars. Don’t down load it.


they took like 8.50 from my account and i hope they don’t keep doing that because that is very unnecessary and i deleted the app

Used to be good.

I used to have tap, about 4 months ago. It got deleted so I recently just bought it. When I used to play tap, you went through one quick trial THEN you could click out and pick whatever story you want. AND you could make a profile and make stories. I love tap bc I love to make scary convos on there but now I’m just stuck with reading diff books I don’t even want to read. Second of all, you can only tap 20 times until the next “you have to wait 30 minutes to tap again!” Thing comes up. I have to wait 30 minutes for a story I don’t even want to read. I’ve read them all already and I’m stuck with them! You know how in the middle of the story, there’s a thing that pops up. A picture that one of the characters use and sent to the other person. There’s phone calls, pictures, videos, and audio of what might be happening to them in the story, you have to pay SO MUCH just to have a vip thing for a week. You also have to pay to keep reading without the “wait 30 min” thing pops up. I’m deleting tap until I can click out of the story, and read whatever I want AND be able to make my own.

I agree

This app is just a big rip off and nobody should be spending money to see a couple of pics or have to wait 30 minutes every time you get to good parts on the stories.

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