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This game is so scary funny and cool all at the same time! It keeps me up at night but can't stop TAPING! I'm also subcribed (Duh) Awesomegame I give it five stars!

Why it is 5 stars

I chose five stars because I love how in a good portion of the stories have a lot of suspension and there are stories that you do not see. One thing I do not like about the app is the timer before you can continue with the story.

Wouldn’t even give it a full star

Honestly, this app isn’t the greatest. To be REALLY honest, it’s stupid. You have to pay for little features AND it’s impossible to get out of the first story. Before when I had this app and it was actually enjoyable (when it first came out), I was able to get out of the opening story but now they have made it impossible until you pay or agree to a 7 day trial. I am very unsatisfied.

Do not download

WASTE OF TIME. NOT FREE. False advertising saying you can read story's for free. You have to pay $8 a month just to see important parts of a story.


What’s the point of reading the story if I can’t see the pictures. I have to pay $10 a month? HELL NAH. What’s the whole point of reading whatever ur reading and not being able to see some pictures that are important to the story. 🙅🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

This app is...

HORRIBLE, Ten dollars to read stories, where is your sense? The app Episode gives you free stories, And some other apps to, you guys are out of your minds!


This app is ok, if your willing to pay $10 a month, which for me, isn't worth it. Anyway, I got put on free trail and then got automatically switched over to paying $10 and the game won't let me cancel my subscription that I never signed up for. So now I'm stuck paying $10 for a game I don't even play.

This is amazing

I use this too much I need help XD

Love it

I love it but 19 mins is too long 😂

Too many subscriptions

You can’t enjoy the app ever because of the overload of subscriptions or an unoriginal app. Instead of falling for this trap go to the library and get an actual book.


This is just great but the should not have the time thing I’m trying to find one of these what doesn’t have the time thing but I like the app

I love this app but...

i love this app but i hate the fact that i can’t write my own stories and i can’t get out of the opening free reading, u guys need to fix it back cause i love to write my own stories!😭😡

Liked it, but it’s confusing.

I really enjoy reading and writing tap stories! I’m just a little confused. When creating a tap story, do you need Tap Premium to make options, recordings or photos? Thank you for reading! :)

There shouldn’t be a premium

It is a good app but I do think it’d be better without premium. Having to buy a membership in order to make the app actually worth downloading is stupid. Not everyone has money flying out of their pockets.

Subscriptions and misleading ads

The app is great alone by itself, but it would be much more appreciated if we didn’t have to pay almost $10 a month just to have “more access” to the game. It’s irritating having to pay just to view an image that belongs in the story, answer a video call, etc. I understand you need money to fund this app of course, but it’s expensive. The ad that was given was misleading because it displayed a different program rather than this app. Don’t get me wrong, the quality of it is great but.. kind of annoying to get someone and be let down.

Great stories, except I CAN’T EVEN READ THEM!!!

I’m not sure if it’s a glitch, but I can’t even skip the opening story unless I pay $8.00!! I also can’t see pictures or videos that are important o the plot line of the story without paying!! Maybe you should include free stories so people who can’t afford to get a ten dollar iTunes card EVERY MONTH can at least get a little slice of action! I’m sorry if I’m sounding rude, but I was very exited to be able to see these amazing and exiting stories. You do know how to captivate people, but please next time don’t get people’s hopes up like that.


These stories are written by juvenile delinquents. It's embarrassing that I paid for it. Mayyyybe if there were actually good plots I'd be more convinced but honestly I thought the ads had better stories than in actuality. Don't waste your money, read a book.


I found a story about sexual relations and assault. NOT FOR KIDS 😡

I rate it 4 stars because

When I got hooked I realized they removed writing so I downloaded this app so I can make stories but I can’t skip the opening story I have an iPhone and I think this is a big problem for those who can’t skip it if you don’t fix this you will surely get some bad reviews considering they can’t make an account because of the stupid opening story well you guys have got to do something you better 😡🖕😤


It is very good

Worst app ever

I downloaded the app hoping it would be amazing as Wattpad, yet I found myself terribly annoyed and utterly disappointed. The app was horrid. Who wants to pay so much money to read some chat stories? Wattpad, worth my time. This one? Not so much.


I loved tap it was free!!!! But.... it changed now its like yarn you have to PAY so now I don't like it


why tf do u have to pay $8 a month just to facetime and see pictures? tbh that is waste of money and explains the rating that i have chosen.

Sorry but not

I don’t like the fact that you can sign up for the subscription but then have to put in your card number what if you only wanted to try the free trial now I don’t know if you will charge my card after is done when I’m trying to cancel it al together even the app

It’s good but....

This app is great and the second I got an ad for it I downloaded it! But I think I would enjoy it more if you got to read at least a chapter of the story without the premium option. Also I would consider lowering the prices just a bit and this app would be perfect! If a developer could respond back that would be great, thanks.


Yes you can write your own story, yes you can read others and yes the texting animations are well blessed. You can’t see images the chat stories have, you can’t hear the sounds and phone calls it has, and you can’t view the video chats that chat story has (unless you pay)


you don't get the full experience unless you pay $7.99 a month... WASTE THAT MONEY ON NETFLIX


Very good


Got the game and tried out the free trial for the $8 subscription so I could see if I wanted to buy it. A day later i deleted the app. I was recently charged for the game even though I don’t have the app anymore...

Don’t get it

There is literal no point into downloading this. You have to pay to see everything video calls/pictures/audios There’s just no point.

Dear Tap

This is a very cool app but it should we like the Instagram add and let you type what you think instead and not have to pay to see the pictures or to answer the calls

It's ok

I am not a member but you know how you have to choose the response sometimes well sInce I'm not a member it won't let me do that so I can't read the story and I'm sad😭


Not worth $49.99 A MONTH.!


This app will charge you no matter what. I didn’t have any subscription I got charged. I did get a refund but it happens twice. Beware do not get this app.


The app costs 8% unless you want to wait 20 minutes to read a 5 minute long chat story.1 star


All it wants is your money and give you massive cooldown timers and won't let you see videos or pictures..... unless you pay 7.99 EVERY MONTH it might be worth it if it was 4 dollars and lasted like 1 year but as it is it is completely ridiculous.


It's really effing annoying to have to pay just to see pictures and listen to audio. I couldn't even understand a story because i was missing half of it from pictures and audio clips. I'm not able to go back and choose another story too so i waste my time tapping through the story only to get an 18 min cooling period. This app is a joke and only wants your money.


I love it


I redownloaded this app only to find that it’s giving me a hard time logging in ;( ahaha please get back to me! I love this app.

Not free

You can't do anything until you agree to a $8 subscription every month

Getting angry

I was a regular user for this app, given the fact that I like to read, but it logged me out and to get back in, required a passcode be sent to my phone, I’ve had a code sent 10 TIMES! Every time I try to type it in, it says that it’s already linked to an account. So now I can’t even get on my account!!! I’m angry now over this.



Remove premium

I dont like that every thing is premuim


This app showed up on my Snapchat I was really excited to try it because of the video calls I tried to answer it “only $7.99 per month” ONLY make it free do you want better reviews? FIX IT


I decided to download this since it was in my instagram. I was kinda excited to test it out and see what it was about. To basically use anything it requires a $8 subscription per month. NOPE. I can’t use this app for anything. It’s completely useless at this point.


This app USED to be good but now its is ABSOLUTE GARBAGE. I can’t even get to the log in before it starts FORCING me to read a stupid sample story. The hide button DOESN’T work so you’re stuck having to read or click through the sample. Even after finishing you still can’t get to the log in screen because it forces you read another sample story. I am extremely DISAPPOINTED in and DISSATISFIED with this app. FIX IT PLEASE!

Loved it at first, but I’m not so sure now.

I liked this app better when it only had ads and you didn’t have to pay for “FaceTime” and “Pictures”. On Wattpad, you had ads that you could quickly look at then continue to read the story. It was a win-win for both sides. We got short ads, and Wattpad, got their money. I wish that it was the same for Tap. If you didn’t have to pay, I’d give it 5 stars.


I downloaded it when it first came out and it was great. Then when I re-downloaded it in early October 2017, it was a mess. You can't get out of the sample story 'Hide' and now you have to buy all kinds of crap that isn't worth 8 bucks. If anything, just let me get out of the dumb story!!!

How does a session expire?!?!

It says that my session expires. How though?! I didn’t pay for anything! And when I try to log in, it won’t let me! Fix this😡😡😡!!!


Would be a good app but I don't want to pay for it! It's not worth the money.

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